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15 years of exploring the confluence of form & function through the medium of masonry.

Stone furniture and monuments

I used quarrying techniques like, pinning and feathering, to create this commission: a stone bench. Measuring 5 feet long, 18 inches high and nearly three feet wide, the family wanted something that would fit into the historic cemetery and would provide enough seating area to accommodate four people.

I took inspiration from the slight incline of the site and was immediately drawn to the idea of a whispering breeze that would be represented by the stone seat. A natural worn edge with a crisp line on the bottom would create the drifting feeling. This was accentuated by the legs having different dimensions: the low side has trunk like properties where the up hill leg is visually matched from the front yet has a thinner profile lending levity to the piece.

Guilford, Vermont 2011

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